Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Rob can make Sharpie Tattoos hot, not a surprise!

Hello All!
Its been a while since we posted, and we're sure the photos from Black Book Mag that we are posting today have been seen by most people, but they are just to fabulous not to post. They are so Rob, and so delicious and we've been waiting on a photo shoot like this for a super long time.  With out further ado here is our boy!
Love you
Love us

This photo screams: "I am Boss!"

A new favorite to add to my 'Top favorite photos of Rob of all times'

He proves to us time & time again that yes, yes he can out handsome himself!

This one right here, I don't care they tatt sleeve is fake, its hot!
As for the jeans they seem so tight he cant sit! Again I don't care.
Hot Rob is Hot

All I can think of when I see this is that Rob has joined the T-Birds! lol

That lap looks very inviting.... may I have a seat?

We love you Rob!  Always have always will!!!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Posting Some Pretty

Happy Monday. Happy Cosmopolis Day...in Canada.
Not much to say except we just wanted to post some pretty of Rob from some of the Cosmopolis Promo hes been doing for the past few weeks. 
Here's some handsome


Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Angels sing as they part the sky for the pretty

So it seems that the Cannes brought out the pretty in our boy. Robs been rocking the Hobo look for many weeks now. I mean he was off work. Then as Rob stumbles (quite lit tra lee) into the Cannes yesterday the French Angels Sing and parts the sky to make way for the Prettyyyyyy!
Love you
Love Us,

Jennison CaseFace & Robandi

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Rob Round Up! Guess Who's Back.

Hello All!
Guess who's back. Back again. We are back, tell a friend.
Oh yeah, and so is this guy.....

I mean not that our guy was gone, but like us he was just attending to well.........life.
Last time we posted we got a sneak peak of Rob's next project Cosmopolis. Yeah, that.

Hanging out with his friend Katy Perry & checking out her shows....

filling his 90s rap void with some Snoop & Dr. Dre at Coachella...
oh & he still gives some of his time to his fans...awwwww
Supporting his friends at their shows...
 (oh yeah we did that too Rob.. Hi Marcus, Hi Sam, and hello to you Bobby)

Let's not forget a wee trip to the nation's capital DC. 
(you were so close Rob, next time drive further north on I95 and stop in and say hello to me!) (oh and Jennison) (I don't want her to cut me)

Lets see what else has been happening is RobWorld .....

Bel Ami was presented to us OnDemand! Jennison and I got together over some wine and watched our boy take it to pound town as George DuRoy- a man whore extraordinaire who wants to be at the top of the social ranks rolling in money..... (we wil have a review for you soon)

 Rob took it back to old school and did some re shoots for Breaking Dawn.....

Then BAM! Roberto announces his next movie project! Our twitters were a flutter with this news we've all been waiting for. To make matters more...well....FUCK AWESOME... my wish was granted!  Rob is going to play a member of the United States Military.
 In Mission: Black List.   That's right. Yes, so very very right.

Oh, oh and not to be out done by hisself (haa haa) he also announced another movie project!!! Rover it's called and it looks like he will playing a bit of a bad guy- A Thief! The setting is in Australia, so do you think we will get a piece of an Australian accent from him? We will see, but we here are a bit excited that this seems to be an Action movie.... I mean I really think that Rob reads my thoughts, or my twitter, I swear because not only did he grant my wish of accepting a roll as a man of the military, Rob also is like:  "here you go Robandi, my love...let me do an action film because I know this is another roll you've wished upon a star"  I do not have the right word that will express my feelings right now......
Moving on.  We woke up this morning to a delightful new interview and a weirdly brilliant photo shoot.  I can't tell you how long me, Jennison, & CaseFace have been holding on to our knickers awaiting for a new shoot from our dear Rob.

<><> <><> <><>
Sweet Baby Bieber take the wheel, it we get a repeat of this.
To conclude our Rob Round up and our return from our hiatus, we can definitely plan to see more of our boy hard at work.  We have the Cannes coming up in just a short weeks time. I don't know about you guys but I am so fecking stoked to see not only a Cannes Rob, but to indulge in the world of Cosmopolis with interviews from both Rob and the film's director David Cronenberg. This shit is going to be gooooood!

And that my friends concludes our Rob Round up.  Welcome Back, we've missed our Rob Blog but have no fear Spiderman is here.......

 I mean Superman is here......
I mean WE are....WE are here.........

:::::Looks over to Jennison..^^ where did those boys come from^^ ? CaseFace any ideas?::::::(CaseFace looks at the girls: Henry wanted to visit me, He misses me, duh!)
I think they can stay, they are purdy...no to mention two movies I am pretty fecking sure Rob will go see!!

Love you, Love us